The Captains

Captain Reese Singleton III

A life long friend of Blair & Lisa was commissioned to run the operation… Based on his 37 years of boating in Florida. Capt. Reese Enterprises Inc. provides for the needs of the Boating community through — Sales, Management, Charters, Instruction, Sea Trials, Consultation, Deliveries, Security, Entertainment, and Burials at Sea. Capt. Reese Enterprises Inc. can take care of all your Yacht Service needs with over 30yrs of experience in South Florida, the East Coast, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas and beyond. Capt. Reese has worked with Male and Female boat owners from Haul Outs, Refits, Parts, to General Consultations, Crew Placements, Destinations, Instruction and Chartering.

Captain Jason Ward
50-Ton Master Captain